Marposs designs special plugs to perform the interoperational gauging of internal diameters and distances on transfer machines, special purpose machines and post-process stations.
These plugs guarantee reliability and process productivity improvement by automation of the process itself inclusive of the part measurement and closed loop feedback to the machine tool (compensation of tool wear, improvement of overall machining time and scrap reduction).
Depending on dimensions, tolerances, roughness, conditions and material of the part to be checked, plugs can be electronic (using tungsten carbide or diamond contacts) or pneumatic.
In order to protect the body from potential collision due to part mis-positioning or part overstock conditions, plugs require mounting to floating or rigid recoiling devices.
Plugs are provided with cleaning "air nozzles" through which a blast of compressed air is blown to clean the part in the section being measured. Measuring contacts can be provided with pneumatic retraction in case of part interferences during insertion of the plug.
They can be connected to E9066N electronic units for complex applications or for applications which statistical analysis is required and to P7 family of electronic units for simple applications.
The typical applications perform the following checks :

  • Cylinder block - crankshaft seats, fifth wheel, cylinder bores (also using wide range cells), height from crankshaft axis
  • Cylinder head - camshaft seats, valve and guidevalve seats before bushing
  • Conrod - pin and crank bores (with 1, 2 or 3-contact cells)
  • Different types of flange
This equipment is used along with an E9066N Flat Panel industrial PC.

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