More than the standard version, the M1 Star™ can satisfy a wide range of special measuring applications by means of dedicated plug gauges:

  • with long nosepiece
  • with pilot cone
  • for parallel walled bores
  • with carbide bar inserts
  • with guiding diameters
  • with DLC coated nosepieces
  • with "V" shaped plug gauge
  • with cone-shaped plug gauge
  • with oval-shaped plug gauges
  • with 3 measuring points
  • with right angle plug gauge
  • for outside diameters
  • for special blind bores
  • for bores with central hub
  • Macro-Lite.
This equipment is used along with Merlin or E9066T or Quick Read or E4N or Easy Box electronic units; and with TD or Quick Digit dial indicators.


M1 Star with long nosepieceWITH LONG NOSEPIECE
It helps to guide plug when measuring discontinuous deep bores.
Example: cylinder block.

M1 Star with pilot coneWITH PILOT CONE
Recommended for automatic applications where hole positions can vary, and helps reduce the possibility of accidental damage to the front of the nosepiece.

M1 Star for parallel walled boresFOR PARALLEL WALLED BORES
For gap measurements.
Example: keyways or splines.

M1 Star with carbide bar insertsWITH CARBIDE BAR INSERTS
Suitable for automatic applications because carbide bars allow to increase the life of the gauge reducing the wear of the nosepiece and preventing chance of jamming caused by the presence of metallic chips or cinders.

M1 Star with guiding diametersWITH GUIDING DIAMETER
For stepped bores, to measure very close to the step point.

M1 Star with DLC coated nosepieceWITH DLC COATED NOSEPIECE
Nosepiece covered in DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) are a cheaper alternative to versions with carbide-bar inserts. Will increase the life of the plug gauge when components are made of abrasive material (i.e. cast iron) and minimize the friction and the wear of the nosepiece.

For thrust face width measurements for crankshafts or similar type components requiring gap measurements.

M1 Star for tapered boresFOR TAPERED BORES
Example: front or rear knuckles.

M1 Star for oval boresFOR OVAL BORES
Example: lobe pump.

M1 Star with 3 measuring pointsWITH 3 MEASURING POINTS
To check shape or roundness defects.
Example: for tri-lobed bores.

M1 Star with right angle plug gaugeWITH RIGHT ANGLE PLUG GAUGE
To measure bores with axis perpendicular to gauge introduction direction or in limited space.
Example: differential carrier.

M1 Star for outside diametersFOR OUTSIDE DIAMETERS
Measures end of flywheel shaft or the outside diameter of transmission components.

M1 Star for bore with central hubFOR BORE WITH CENTRAL HUB
To measure an internal diameter with central hub.

M1 Star for special blind boresFOR SPECIAL BLIND BORES
With very low distance between contact axis and the top of the nosepiece (0.6mm).

Macro-Lite M1 StarMACRO-LITE
Particularly light and easy to be used for diameters wider than 450mm.


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