Merlin Mobile™ represents the wearable embedded Gauge Computer, it expresses the highest level of freedom giving the possibility to the operator to acquire measurements all around the plant.
Coupled with M1 Wave™, iWave and M2 Wave plugs, it is possible to make totally wireless applications:

  • No cables to connect the elaboration unit to corporate network (using integrated Wireless LAN interface)
  • No cables for measuring devices (using Marposs Wave Bluetooth® interface).
The ergonomic design allows the user to wear Merlin Mobile™ comfortably on a wrist and the light weight does not stress the operator.

Microsoft® Windows CE 6.0 operating system and measuring software designed for touch screen make this product very easy to operate by anyone.

Advanced Power management allows a maximum yield from Li-Ion rechargeable cells, giving to the unit hours of autonomy.




Up to 16 characteristics per Part Program Allow to measure complex parts
Up to 50 Part Programs Allow to measure different parts
Static and dynamic acquisition Target different measurement application needs
Zeroing and sensitivity adjustment of characteristic Fine adjustment
On Screen
Up to 4 bargraphs per page with value and status color Clear Measure value indication
Part Counters Full control of measurement process
Data Storage
Wi-Fi Real time data export in corporate network
Local Backup Local Data storage when Wi-Fi connection unavailable
Format .CSV (Microsoft® Excel Comma Separated Values)
Operating System
Microsoft® Windows CE 6.0 Last Software technology for mobile device management




Color LCD 3.5" Clear measure value reading
Touch Screen Easy device programming
Bluetooth® Fast communication with M1 Wave™, iWave, M2 Wave devices
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g Real Time fast communication up to 54Mbit/sec
SD Card Large amount of memory for Storage measure values
128 MB RAM + 128 MB FLASH Memory Large amount of memory for fast measurement calculation
Adjustable wirst band Ergonomic and comfortable use
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