Autocomp fine boring system is intended for a wide range of automatic precision hole machining operations. Such as:

  • Con-rod: small/big eye con-rod, with trumpet shape;
  • Piston: piston bolt holes, with trumpet shape;
  • Motor block: cylinder bore;
  • Generally high precision bores with tolerance within microns.

It combines tooling with intelligent controls to offer end users extremely accurate machining at high cutting speeds using standard carbide or ceramic inserts.
In addition, its tool wear compensation capability maintains work piece quality and tolerances irrespective of wear at the cutting edge.



  • Combines roughing and finishing in a single machining cycle
  • Eliminates the need for additional machines as well as unnecessary production stoppages
  • Considerably increases work piece output and quality in batch and mass production
  • Outstanding repeatability: less than 1 µm
  • It can utilize all types of modular tools thus enabling fast tool changing and fast rigging of the machine
  • No machine downtime for tool setting and resetting inserts


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