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EASY SURFING - The most of the pages of the site are no more than a couple of clicks away from the homepage. Often deeper pages can be reached with just one click from the menu. For instance, the page with the "marposs headquarters" address is at level = 3, but can be reached taking the mouse on the top menu over the item CORPORATE0... WORLDWIDE ADDRESSES1... HEADQUARTERS2... MARPOSS HEADQUARTERS3 and clicking here just once (the superscripts define the level of the pages).

To go back you have two options:

  • use the BACK BUTTON of your browser if you just want to track back along the path of the pages visited
  • use the BREADCRUMBS located just below the title strip to go back to the parent page of the current one (breadcrumbs start at level 1, therefore in the above example the breadcrumb on top of the "Marposs Heaquarters" page is
  Worldwide Addresses > Headquarters > Marposs Headquarters

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