Spezielle Prüfanwendungen

In some situations, where test or measurement operations are complementary to assembly operations, special testing applications are designed and manufactured based on the customers' need.

Here are some examples:

  • Automatic stations with roller-conveyor, with transfer on pallet or with gantry loader (for in-line applications)
  • Automatic stations with robot automation (for applications integrated in assembly lines)
  • Machines with rotary table (where quick loading/unloading is necessary for limited cycle time)
  • Machines with automatic sealing tools exchange (flexible for checking families of parts)
  • Machines with sealing tools carrier and automatic retooling (easy and quick to retool)
  • Manual stations for final inspection or back-up check for recycling recovered parts
  • Integrated applications (multi-stations) for assembly lines (assembly + leak test + dimensional check)
  • Gas tracing in vacuum chamber (with high performance for very little leaks)
  • Stations with gas tracing with "sniffing" method (to localize the leaks) 

For further information consult the page on the special testing applications in the MG site.

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