On the assembly lines it is often necessary to guarantee very strict tolerances. Instead of manufacturing the components with tight tolerances (which would remarkably affect the cost), it is convenient to make components with wider tolerances and them match them selectively interposing selected calibrated elements.

Marposs makes manual and automatic measuring stations, complete with handling system when required, and can work as prime contractor by supplying whole turnkey lines.

Examples of solutions developed in time are:

  • assembly of engine head with calibrated shims interposed between cam and valve
  • assembly of gear case, with determination of calibrated spacers suitable for obtaining the correct preloads on conical bearings
  • assembly of differential case, with interposition of calibrated spacing rings suitable for creating the correct operating conditions of the gears
  • assembly of counter-rotating balancing shafts, to obtain the correct conditions of meshing between countershaft and crankshaft
  • assembly of rotative compressor for air conditioners.

Other solutions may be studied also in simultaneous engineering with the customer to meet his requirements.

Station for cylinder head measurement on an engine assembly lineBild vergrößernBild vergrößern
Station for cylinder head measurement on an engine assembly line


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